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Author Topic: Personal Piotr GRD's thoughts about 110mb decisions made  (Read 2200 times)
Piotr GRD
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« on: 2010-12-31, 10:47:46 »

It's over 3 months already since box 4 HDD that contain I-P account is read only.
It's month and a half already for the same problem on box 12 HDD with K-T, 4-7 accounts.

I do know that their plan is to move all these 4-12 boxes into different servers. I understand that they don't want to invest any more money into the servers in Netherlands so they won't buy new hard drives to replace them. It's bad decision in my opinion, as they are loosing much more in credibility of 110mb in eyes of all the affected customers. So these customers a) can leave (but maybe new 110mb owner want all the "legacy" members to leave) and b) won't refferer any new customers to 110mb, rather reverse, they will dissuade 110mb to anyone and of course c) will make negative reviews of 110mb. So even if because of this 110mb will loose 10 or 20 potential new paid premium customers (bad reviews, no refferals etc.) I think it's more than the cost of new hard drive, even if it will last in NL for month or two only. And this will be longer, it already is longer, move of these servers was planned for September 2010, now somewhere in 2011 and considering how much bugs and issues they find while moving so far only "premium" accounts it can take quite a long time.

There is another thing, though. If they are so stubborn to not replace the broken hard drives... why they don't try another completely free "fix"? Look at the box 12's HDD space usage:
If K-T, 4-7 HDD is broken and read only - why don't they move the data into other drives? There is enough room for such operation. This would take few minutes for admin to 1) type the command to copy the data and then after data will be moved 2) "re-mount" the drives and in several hours box 12 K-T, 4-7 accounts could be "fixed" easily. There seems to be not enuogh room on box 4's hard drives for such operation, though, but better to fix one box than none - isn't it?... Or am I wrong?... Well...

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