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 on: 2013-11-07, 20:58:14 
Started by oldsawme - Last post by jburdon14
Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement. I didn't realize that so many of you read this forum; however, it doesn't surprise me... Piotr has built a good resource here.

Just to keep everyone posted... Because we literally bring in no profit with 110mb at this point, Craig (the technical half of the team) has another job during the day in order to support his family. Every night when he returns he has been doing a great job of working on hardware one piece at a time to get everything fixed. But I promise he wants to get it up as much as I so we can proceed to our new plans.  Just understand the situation we are in... There are a lot (mucho) of hardware problems.  We spent personal money to purchase a huge bulk lot of hard drives to begin replacing bad one on these servers.. Moving data, etc. can take a little time... I think if you watch the charts on this site over the next few weeks you will witness gradual improves along the way towards getting things up.

Hopefully once hardware issues are fixed it will allow us to focus on the other issues. 

Here in a week or so I may go ahead and post on here what we are thinking (plan wise) to make things better for long-term growth. Since this seems to be a smart/technical crowd here reading this forum and legacy users I thought you could give me input on the new idea...

There really is not 100% great answer.. But we think we have came up with a fairly good one but before proceeding I thought I would talk with you guys, get opinions, make sure you think its fair for everyone, and share ideas how we can improve the new plan, and discuss some of the few logistical problems we think we will encounter along the way... Hopefully if we all put our heads together we can come up with THE perfect solution that is great for everyone.


 on: 2013-11-07, 17:12:59 
Started by oldsawme - Last post by oldsawme
and one more thing I am sorry for wanting to know "who the thieves were who owned 110mb." I have been a member of 110mb since Jan.1, 2008 and I know it was a good company and will be again. I am very sorry for being rude in my opening statement.

 on: 2013-11-07, 02:11:44 
Started by oldsawme - Last post by paulwratt
actually I think this is the correct place for the post, but I can also see it pasted onto the 110mb forum as well (if it has not already been done)

This is the single biggest improvement I have seen since the servers started to go down , and/or were moved.

I for one really appreciate the honesty and "ownership of blame" taken by Jonathan Burdon

The thing is that even before 110mb was sold, the admins had support from the community to help maintain the servers, and thats the realization I hope to convey here, WE can help maintain them, and fix alot of problems.

99% of the servers were maintained remotely outside of Australia (where "whats-his-name" used to live), and that, along with the technical expertese, and trust gained by showing "who you were" in the community, thru the BBS, was how community members were able to get involved or be asked or offer to help keep the pressure of maintaining and upgrading the servers

thanks to Piotr for notifying me, I'll be sending an email to Jonathan Burdon with my support. I am one of those who could help maintain things and passify a sometimes unruley collection of new users (who are usually the ones that get uptight when problems are not fixed), even tho I am homeless, as I was in Oz when I firsted joined

It is a shame it has taken this long (almost 5 years now) for something to start happening (from my stand point), but I would rather support the process than complain further Smiley

Paul Wratt
NOTE: I believe the reason it might have been posted here is cos the forum is no longer available on 110mb

 on: 2013-11-07, 02:01:50 
Started by oldsawme - Last post by oldsawme
Jonathan Burdon I do thank you for replying to me here and on your site on facebook
When 110mb site kept going down and on the forum it was a "be patient" and then finally not being able to get the forum. I did feel like we all had been scammed. After replying to me on facebook and here, I do feel as if you were trying, and I thank you for that.

 on: 2013-11-06, 11:26:59 
Started by oldsawme - Last post by ZygZag
Seems legit. Why is he posting the letter here. Shouldn't it go on the main site? Most people don't even know this place exists.

 on: 2013-11-04, 19:05:50 
Started by oldsawme - Last post by jburdon14
Message from Jonathan Burdon:


I just stumbled on this and normally I do not respond to negative comments because people rightfully have a reason to be upset that their site has been down for an unacceptable amount of time.  I take full responsibility and on a daily basis stress over the fact that servers are STILL down.

However, when I saw this post that suggested that I was a "thief" it kind of hurt because I feel that people may be missing some facts..

First, I am only half owner of this site... I have a marketing/business background and a very minimum amount of technical experience. For this reason, when I enter into a new business I try to make sure that I have a technical specialist for the position to handle all of the technical problems while I solely focus on the business end.   

I thought we were prepared technically in this case due to the wealth of positive information we received when acquiring; however, a months months later we realized the problems were much larger than we originally expected.  The list of "to dos" was significant and it seemed like the list was getting longer even as we scratched things off. I set back helplessly watching on technical issues as my business background left me with little skill in the area when ACTUALLY needed the most help.  All I could do is contact the technical expert on the team and regularly keep them posted on what needed to be fixed.

One common misunderstanding about is that we only care about the bottom line and not the users.... Yes, it is true you have seen me implement and test different ways to monetize the site.. Ultimately the more that we make the more that we can invest into making things better.. However, we really never have made a profit.. At all.. We just barely make enough each month to cover all the bills required to keep the site up an running.  I have a lot of ideas on how we could make more money; however, to implement them we must first have a secure & reliable infrastructure.... Thus the major struggle.

Now... I am going to be the first to admit I have made plenty of mistakes on the business end of things as well... I am not proud of them; however, if anyone really knew the behind the scenes conversations, etc... You would know that for months on end I pressed super hard trying to get things improved...

Since most of my experience in the past was with new companies or smaller ones... There were a lot of things I had to learn along the way "the hard way".  PERHAPS the biggest mistake I made early on was not understanding or even attempting to understand the unique culture 110mb had established in previous years.  Although the complexity of problems were much higher than we originally were led to believe, I could have been more sensitive of protecting the culture that was previously built. And for that I apologize greatly.  As people grow older, they learn a lot of life lessons and I have learned plenty.  I cannot take back what has been done but I can try to make amends, show my good faith, and take steps to improve the future.

Next, it is important to note another fact.  After months and months of struggling to do all I could to keep users sites up, users in-the-loop, etc... I found myself helplessly not knowing when the issue could actually be fixed and looking like the bad guy... Now.. Again, I still take full responsibility because no one deserves to have their site down... But to say I don't care would be unfair.. I could show plenty of records of me doing everything physically possible to try to get things fixed.. Notifying others of problems that needed to be fixed etc.  But in all fairness they were just overwhelmed.

The problem really compounded when HARDWARE issues because more and more abundant. The servers were in datacenters far from our technical expert and the lack of cooperation with the datacenters have led to major logistical problems.. I thought since users anger towards me was growing (rightfully) maybe it was best that I resign from making it easier to make day-to-day decisions for my partner..

I have been away for well over a year and simply did the bookkeeping & making sure bills got paid.  Lately, I have been contacted from several people frustrated and I have felt REALLY bad about it... Although we have faced many unforeseen challenges it is not fair that our users are the one that have to be punished.  So my partner and I have been brainstorming for about a month or so trying to come up with a solution that was fair, but also kind of would give us a chance to improve things and gain a better grasp on problems...  Finally, we have came up with a solution.

Unlike when we first acquired I now understand the "legacy" users are very important to maintaining the culture of 110mb. Sure I am late on realizing the fact... As a young business person, when I acquired this site.. I only looked toward NEW ways to make money and the old 1-time payment users unfortunately couldn't help with that goal... So I looked to a new direction... I was wrong..   I realize now what I did not understand then and the new model we are working to implement will put MUCH higher value on ALL of's current and older users... We also, plan to restore a much more secure version of the forum and slowly but surely try to rebuild the community that was once strong...  This will include an invitation to a member who was perhaps most knowledgeable of any other member - PIOTR. Instead of getting ahead of myself and getting frustrated with Piotr in the early days (because I really was trying my hardest), I should have instead worked much harder to communicate with him and explain the challenges we faced.. And perhaps even, lowered my pride a bit and asked for help.  I don't know how he would have handled the situation at that point; however, simply getting mad at someone and banning them WAS NOT the right path.

The new direction will be "branded" the 2nd generation of giving us somewhat of a fresh start... Although it will take some time to get everything figured out logistically with the new system and to make sure old legacy 110mb users are focused on in the transition, it may take a little bit of time. However, it is important to note the process has already started. My business partner has made the drive to the datacenter and pulled the old servers and moved them closely to where he lives so that he may work on them much easier when a problem arises.  He is in the process currently of getting all the servers back up and running as soon as possible (including 4 & 5 which have been down an unacceptable length of time).  That is the first goal.  After achieving that, I will publicly post plans on how we hope to proceed in the future..  I will be an open book and explain what and why we will do certain things.

Again, I apologize... That is all I can do.. I have never had intention to be a "thief" and have really not profited what-so-ever on 110mb...  I did however make mistakes, failed on early due-diligence, and failed to maintain the unique culture 110mb built for itself.  FAIL.  First step to making things right is to take ownership... You must understand that I am limited on what I can physically do myself due to my lack of technical experience but the new plan will make things much easier on my partner who is indeed VERY skilled at technical issues.

For those who ever paid in to and had your server down for WAY too long... I am just as frustrated as you... I want to make it right... Send an e-mail to me on my personal e-mail account "jonathan.burdon(at) I will do what I can to ATTEMPT to make things right... And try to regain my trust with users. 

In closing, know that I have tried from day 1 to make things better... I have had a vision for success... And wanted to see everyone active with our service... But I failed.. I made mistakes... Took steps at the WRONG time... And became disheartened by the massive amount of technical issues we faced.  Please take this as my apology.  I hope by opening up for the first time, you can understand how things got to where they are now... It's not what I originally planned... But I learned.. And I am going to eventually make each of you proud.. Just bare with me..

Jonathan Burdon

 on: 2013-11-01, 17:17:34 
Started by oldsawme - Last post by oldsawme
thank you for the info

 on: 2013-11-01, 07:49:28 
Started by oldsawme - Last post by Piotr GRD
I just wanted to know if the thieves who own 110mb are still around

Jonathan Burdon (previously in Marion, Kentucky, USA, currently - according to his page - Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

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 on: 2013-10-31, 23:40:25 
Started by oldsawme - Last post by oldsawme
I just wanted to know if the thieves who own 110mb are still around

 on: 2013-10-04, 07:53:47 
Started by Piotr GRD - Last post by macchess
I've moved my site.How do i redirect anybody linking to this site.I know there is a 301 redirect but i do not know how to use it with this site

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