Access test to 110mb servers.

Below you can see the test of your access to 110mb servers, test done from your computer.
Why is this useful? Because maybe only you can not access one or more 110mb servers while the others can. Such thing can be result of your computer/firewall settings OR your IP may be banned on the server(s) OR the result of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) policy to block access to the IP(s) that belong to 110mb. Why ISP would like to block the access to 110mb? Because as the free hosting it's the source of valid but also abusive, illegal etc. websites and such things did happend in the past already.

Why there are multiple tests for box 17 and box 18?
In the past when the servers were blocked by enough large number of ISPs 110mb admins decide to change servers IPs to avoid the blockade. But old IPs were kept still functional. This is some sort of advantage now, because if you use own domain name (not * subdomain) and external nameservers (not ns1/ you can point your domain name to any of these IPs of the server/box where your account is and this way avoid your website being blocked for you and/or your visitors.
* There is no access test for box 21 (with "premium" accounts) currently in here.

If you'll see green "V" then you can access the server.
If you'll see red "X" then you can not access the server.
Repeat the test - refresh the page - 2 or 3 times for being sure that these are not temporarily problems.
Always compare the results with 110mb Server Monitor because maybe server is simply down.

Test for boxes 11, 14 will currently fail for you all the time as it depends on external domains being functional on the servers and these does not work on mentioned servers at the moment.
Three of four box 17's IPs has been disabled in August, access test for them has been removed.

Access test for box 19 has been created.

Box 4
Box 5
Box 9
Box 11
Box 12
Box 13
Box 14
Box 15
Box 16
Box 17
Box 18 (main IP)
Box 18
Box 19

Original idea of "Server Access Test" by Lesley.

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Changelog of the service:

2011-02-20 - Start of this service.
2011-03-04 - Access test for box 19 has been created, access tests for other servers updated for new IPs.